DRAFT: Best Podcasts of 2021

December 31, 2021

This post is a work in progress. I’ll finish it soon.

Whenever I reunite with an old friend from years past, the conversaion always naturally flows into questions about what we’re watching and listening to.

When it’s time to part ways, I usually say that I’ll send them a list of my favorite podcasts that they msut listen to, but I never get around to it. This year I’m just going to publish my list here and link my friends to it.

My podcast library has drastically changed over the years.

  1. Huberman Lab

  2. Lex Fridman

  3. Dear Therapists

  4. All The Hacks

  5. The Drive by Peter Attia

Honorable mention: Crime Junkie, Serial Killers, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Modern Finance

Podcasts I stopped listening to: Marketplace, Pod Save America, The Daily

Podcasts I wish I had more time to listen to: In Machines We Trust, Techmeme Ride Home, Fresh Air

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