Hello World

February 22, 2020
Announcements is back!

The website has a few goals:

  • Post interesting stuff over time - You’ll see anything I’m passionate about at the time. I’ll likely most a lot about music, cooking, and coding. I love taking photos so this site will be media-rich.
  • Backfill old content and photos - I have a lot of photos and memories on line, but they aren’t organized in a single place

Each post is written in Markdown, which is a format that isn’t going away any time soon:

Editing in Markdown

And this website is built using the open source project Gatsby and hosted using Netlify:


Update: The current design is from the Gatsby Starter Blog, but expect something different soon when I collaborate with @marcm.

For now I’ll keep it simple, but expect more posts. I’ll likely re-post everything on Twitter so find me there if you want to follow along.

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